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HVAC Filters Sales and Services

We can create a worry-free “change-out” schedule specific to your needs, budget & workflow. We’ll keep track of your equipment, size, and type of filters you need, ad how often you need them changed, saving you valuable time.

Air Conveyance/HVAC Duct/Coil Cleaning

What are you breathing? How about a sigh of relief, knowing NWR has your air quality taken care of with complete duct cleaning, including Hospital-Grade Sterilization.

Indoor Air Quality Testing & HVAC System Inspections/Building Performance Monitoring

A proactive monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), molds, ozone, and radon via the Aircuity IAQ Evaluation System.

Water/Liquid Filtration, Gas Phase/Carbon Filters, & HVAC/Mechanical Belts

Sales & Installation of all types.

Commercial Air Cleaners

Providing indoor air quality solutions that effectively capture particles, gases, odors, and VOCs from indoor air. Improve productivity and decrease absenteeism.

Cooling Tower Maintenance & Corrosion Protection

We can make your equipment look like new again and extend its useful life without costly replacement.

Overall Commitment to Service

We treat each costumer as if they were our only costumer. With Certified NADCA Technicians, you can rest assured that the important task of clean air in your facility will be handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Solar for residential/commercial buildings including

Carport solar structures and EV charging stations.

Roof Coating

Restore your weathered roof and extend its life at a fraction of the cost of a new roof. We offer a variety of waterproof, weatherproof, and reflective coating systems. We can evaluate your current roofing system at NO COST to you and provide the best option specific to your needs.

Floor Coating

We offer a complete line of Epoxy, Urethane, Vinyl ester, and Polyurea Coatings to meet your needs. These coatings are easy to clean, UV stable, durable, resistant to spills, stains, and grease, and are slip resistant. USDA Food Service Safe!

Cooling Tower Corrosion Protection & Restoration

We can make your cooling tower look and perform like new again, extending its useful life & avoiding costly replacement. Our cost-effective coating system include a standard long-term warranty. Most systems completed average 15-20% of replacement cost. Restore, don't replace. 

Specialized Industrial Coating, Sealing & Painting

Structural Steel, Exterior Buildings, Parking Lots, Secondary Containment Tanks, and Precast Concrete Repair.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, & Certified

Offering the best warranties in the industry.

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NWR Products and Services has provided over 36 years of comprehensive filtration and air conveyance services to allow Building Owners, Property Managers, and Facility Managers a way to breathe easier, knowing we have your filtration needs addressed with a plan tailored to fit each facility’s needs. NWR can provide comprehensive Industrial, Commercial & Municipal Coatings Systems to fulfill all your coatings needed. Our personnel have over a century of combined experience, and we look forward to assessing your facility’s needs. This is a brief description of many of the services we offer. Allow our trained staff of experts to assess your facility’s requirements.

Affiliated with National WaterProofing & Roofing


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